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IP Address and Domain Information

The Ultimate online investigation tool! See detailed information about every IP Address, Domain Name and Provider. This extension displays detailed information about the current website. The information can be used for online investigation and SEO purposes.

See IP info like (IPv4 and IPv6): location, DNS, whois data, routing, domain neighbors, blacklists and ASN information. Including a shortcut to Your public IP Address (myIP info). See domain info like: Alexa en Quantcast ranking, DMOZ info, WOT ranking, whois data and PageRank of every domain. See provider info like: BGP, IPv4 subnets, IPv6 subnets, connected providers (peers), hosted nameservers, hosted domains, number of spam hosts, bogon subnets and whois data.

Latest review: Absolutely phenomenal extension! This extension gets very in-depth with all IP analysis! I highly recommend this!!

example of IP Address Information for Chrome

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IP Domain Flag

This extension shows a country flag for the current website's server. The tooltip shows city, region and country name. The popup shows more information about the domain. Details are Alexa and Quantcast ranking, Google Pagerank and MyWOT reputation. The design of the popup is simple and clean. To protect your privacy, we only send the domain name to our database.

example of IP Domain Flag for Chrome

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My IP Address

Find your IP address! See ISP, location, and DNS. Get IP address change alert and see your history. This extension and app shows detailed information about your IP address, domain and ISP. For example the ISP name, location, ISP, DNS, whois, routing, hosting, domain neighbors, DNSBL, BGP and ASN information.

example of my IP Address Information for Chrome

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Network and Internet tools

Network and Internet tools like ping, tracert, W3C validator, dns blackhole list, dns lookup, domain neighbors and whois information.

example of Network and Internet tools for Chrome

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Accelerators for Internet Explorer (IE)

Use the functions of from every webpage you view. Just install the IE Accelerators, select for example a domain name on a webpage and select Whois Lookup. See how easy it is:

example of ie accelerator

There is one accelerators available for download:
Whois Lookup

QR Code Generator

Create a QR code of the selected text, current url or hyperlink. Customize image with different colors and sizes. Everything right from within your favorite browser!

Go here for more information about this extension.

Tools for you

Your public IP Address

Information about your public IP Address like reverse dns, hosting info and whois data.

my IP Address for Windows 8.1 & 10

This app shows detailed information about your IP Address, your domain and your provider.

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