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Summary for subnet

LocationUnited States (US) flag
Number of domains hosted140,296
Number of nameservers hosted3,564
Number of mailservers hosted16,940
Number of SPAM hosts hosted467
Number of IP routes527

Subnets based on RIR allocations

SubnetDescriptionRIRCountry#routes#domains#spamhosts Internet ServicesarinUS11,02841 USA, Inc.arinUS1183176, Inc.arinUS000 Warner Cable Internet LLCarinUS130 Communications of America, Inc.arinUS460 SolutionsarinUS100 NetworksarinUS000 Technology, LLCarinUS100 CONTROL TECHNOLOGY HOLDINGS, INCarinUS000 City Technology, Inc.arinUS100 Hosting, Inc.arinUS100 LLCarinUS000 by ARINarinUS000 One Inc.arinUS000 Networks LLCarinUS430 INCarinUS000 CommunicationsarinUS100 CommunicationsarinUS100 Hosting Inc.arinCA100 by ARINarinUS000 by ARINarinUS000, LLCarinUS1130 Network Solutions LLCarinUS000 Broadband Finance, LLCarinUS000 by ARINarinUS100 by ARINarinUS000 by ARINarinUS000 by ARINarinCA100 by ARINarinUS100 by ARINarinUS200 by ARINarinUS000 by ARINarinPR000 by ARINarinCA100 by ARINarinUS000 by ARINarinUS000 by ARINarinUS000 by ARINarinUS000 by ARINarinUS000 by ARINarinUS000 by ARINarinUS110 by ARINarinUS100 by ARINarinUS000 Warner Cable Internet LLCarinUS100 Inc.arinUS39657 Pacific Network Information CentreapnicAU2141 Inc.arinUS8200 Inc.arinUS620 Inc.arinUS000 Inc.arinUS100 Communications Inc.arinCA2252 HOUSE NETWORKS, LLCarinUS1100 Technologies, Inc.arinUS2509670 Technology Group, LLCarinUS4520,2422 Communications Inc.arinUS363324 Cable Communications, LLCarinUS100,75943 IncarinUS1344,62049 L.L.CarinUS2830,0280 Warner Cable Internet LLCarinUS1391109,3680 Inc.arinUS100 Warner Cable Internet LLCarinUS1238 Technology Group, LLCarinUS234,5330


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