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Summary for subnet

LocationUnited States (US) flag
Number of domains hosted145,715
Number of nameservers hosted4,205
Number of mailservers hosted18,743
Number of SPAM hosts hosted833
Number of IP routes886

Subnets based on RIR allocations

SubnetDescriptionRIRCountry#routes#domains#spamhosts Internet ServicesarinUS11,01916 USA, Inc.arinUS1872174, Inc.arinUS090 Warner Cable Internet LLCarinUS15523 Communications of America, Inc.arinUS5190 SolutionsarinUS12,0000 NetworksarinUS100 Technology, LLCarinUS100 Central Networks Inc.arinUS000 CONTROL TECHNOLOGY HOLDINGS, INCarinUS000 City Technology, Inc.arinUS100 Hosting, Inc.arinUS1140 LLCarinUS8430 Medical Technologies, Inc.arinUS000 One Inc.arinUS100 Networks LLCarinUS61,4700 INCarinUS100 CommunicationsarinUS100 CommunicationsarinUS130 Hosting Inc.arinCA100 CorporationarinUS4100, LLCarinUS395811 Network Solutions LLCarinUS000 Broadband Finance, LLCarinUS600 Fiber NetworksarinUS500 Data Link, IncarinUS000 Surgical Partners International, arinUS000 CorporationarinUS100 Communications Ltd.arinCA100 IncarinUS100 Wagon LLCarinUS510 IncarinUS400 Cablevision of Puerto Rico LTDarinPR100 Inc.arinCA100 Telecommunications LLCarinUS100 Iowa IP, LLCarinUS100 SolutionsarinUS000 Mountain Wireless Inc.arinUS100 Tech LLCarinUS200 Inc.arinUS000's Datacenter, LLCarinUS16617 Tech Inc.arinCA700 IncorporatedarinCA000, IncarinUS100 Online Services Ltd.arinCA100 VoicearinUS000 TELEPHONE COarinUS100 Metronet, Inc.arinUS100 Network LLCarinUS000 Network Group, Inc.arinUS100 Inc.arinUS000 Technologies, Inc.arinUS100 Systems, LLCarinUS000, LLCarinUS100 TV & Electronics IncarinUS000 CommunicationsarinCA100 State UniversityarinUS300 Warner Cable Internet LLCarinUS100,6140, IncarinUS111 Inc.arinUS6510 Warner Cable Internet LLCarinUS111951 Broadband LLCarinUS120, LLCarinUS420 International Corp of VA.arinUS100 telecomarinCA000 LLCarinUS32612 NetworksarinUS100 LLCarinUS200 KinamatneweyarinCA000 Technologies, Inc.arinUS11710 Internet LLCarinUS7900 by ARINarinUS000 ServersarinUS100 ServersarinCA100 Systems, LLCarinUS100 County Technology DepartmentarinUS000 WirelessarinUS000 WirelessarinUS000 IncarinUS100 Communications, INC.arinCA100 Solutions, Inc.arinUS100 NIT IncarinUS110 Level Technology, LLCarinUS3200 Corporate LLCarinUS000, LLCarinUS12064 NET SOLUTIONSarinCA000 TelecomarinUS000 IncarinCA100 Rural Telephone Cooperative CoarinUS100 CommunicationsarinUS100 by ARINarinCA000 Telecom Inc.arinCA400 Inc.arinUS000 NetSet Ltd.arinCA100 LLCarinUS620 by ARINarinUS000 GalaxyarinUS110 CommunicationsarinUS200 Internet, Inc.arinUS000 CommunicationsarinUS180 Broadband, LLCarinUS100 Communications, Inc.arinCA100 TechnologiesarinUS000 COMMUNICATIONS LTD.arinCA100 Server Solutions L.L.C.arinUS000 INNOVATIONS, INC.arinUS100 TelecomarinUS000 Telecom INCarinCA000 LLCarinUS600, Inc.arinUS3160 Nebula LLCarinUS200 Union BankarinUS500 Broadband Inc.arinUS400 SERVERS, LLCarinUS100 Rock Telephone Cooperative, Inc.arinUS000 Broadcasting, LLCarinUS000 International, LLCarinUS000 Corporation of Manitoba LimitedarinCA000 Solutions, Inc.arinUS000 by ARINarinCA000 Communications Canada Ltd.arinCA300 by ARINarinUS000 HostingarinUS000 Hosting LLCarinUS100 Warner Cable Internet LLCarinUS060 Consulting LLCarinUS100 Inc.arinUS200 de cablodistribution de l'ararinCA100 by ARINarinUS000 by ARINarinUS000 Systems, Inc.arinUS100 Inc.arinUS200 LLCarinUS300 Communications, LLCarinVI100 NetworksarinCA100, Inc.arinUS000 by ARINarinUS100 WirelessarinUS100 Nevada, LLCarinUS000 Media, Inc.arinUS100 TELECOM NETWORKarinUS000 by ARINarinUS000 LLCarinUS100 Communications Ltd.arinCA300 Systems LimitedarinVG6500 Exchange Corp.arinCA110 NetworksarinUS000 by ARINarinUS000 by ARINarinUS000 Labs LLCarinUS000, LLCarinUS100, LLCarinUS000 HEALTH MEDIA SERVICES, LLCarinUS000 BroadbandarinUS100 Corp.arinCA300 by ARINarinUS000 Network Services, Inc.arinUS000 Communications of Connecticut,arinUS300 Communications, Inc.arinUS100 NetworkarinUS100 Systems, Inc.arinUS100 Network, Inc.arinUS100 Association, LLCarinUS000 TECHNOLOGIES, INC.arinUS000 Wireless, LLCarinUS000 by ARINarinUS000 by ARINarinUS000 by ARINarinUS000 Warner Cable Internet LLCarinUS110 DatacenterarinCA040 Inc.arinUS38742 Pacific Network Information CentreapnicAU2151 Inc.arinUS8210 Inc.arinUS730 Inc.arinUS010 Inc.arinUS100 Communications Inc.arinCA2281 HOUSE NETWORKS, LLCarinUS1100 Technologies, Inc.arinUS2467400 Technology Group, LLCarinUS4518,5093 Communications Inc.arinUS36329 Cable Communications, LLCarinUS100,57045 IncarinUS1344,018328 L.L.CarinUS2827,7810 Warner Cable Internet LLCarinUS139577,6570 Inc.arinUS100 Warner Cable Internet LLCarinUS1297 Technology Group, LLCarinUS233,7060


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