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AS/ISP Research: Detailed information like IP prefixes, IP peers, whois data and hosted domains for every provider.

Domain & TLD Research: Detailed information like ranking, whois, IP data for every domain and top level.

IPv4 & IPv6 Research: Browse the IP address space and see information like the geo location, whois, hosting stats, DNSBL, BGP and ASN data of every IP address.

Popular Tools

Email Test: Performs a DNS query for the MX records and checks all SMTP servers for accepting email.

SPF Lookup: Lookup the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) records of a domain.

Whois: See whois data related to a domain, IP address (IPv4 and IPv6) or AS number.


210+ million domain names

45+ million mail servers, 5+ million name servers

2+ million IPv4 whois records, around 1 million IPv6 records

40+ million SSL certificates