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NS Neighbors

Find domains sharing the same NS record (name server).

NS Neighbors

Find domains sharing the same NS record (name server).

Enter name server or domain name. Example: tcpiputils.com or ns1.google.com

Tool description

Every domain name has one or more name servers (NS record). Use this tool to find domains sharing the same name server. It shows a maximum of 1,000 connected domains per name server. Just type a name server or domain name and click the Go button.

Example objectives

  • Discover relations like ownership between domain names.
  • Perform research on malicious name servers.
  • Monitor new and removed domains on name servers of competitors.


Q: How often do you resolve the NS records for a domain?
A: Our DNS crawlers try to resolve every domain name once per month.

Q: How many name servers do you have?
A: We have 5+ million active name servers on file.

Q: How many domains do you have?
A: We have access to all gTLD (ex com, net, org) and nTLD (ex xyz, berlin, nyc) daily zone files. For ccTLD (ex de, fr, eu) our coverage is between 40% and 70% depending on the ccTLD.

Q: Is this tool available for all Top Level Domains?
A: Yes, the NS Neighbors tool returns all domains.

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