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IP information

IP address179.61.250.4
DescriptionNetwork Operating Center
LocationPort Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (AU) flag

Network information

IP address179.61.250.4
Reverse DNS (PTR record)
DNS server (NS record) ( ( ( (
ASN number53340
ASN name (ISP)VegasNAP, LLC
IP-range/subnet179.61.250.0/24 -
Network tools

Hosting information

Number of domains hosted0
Number of mail servers hosted0
Number of name servers hosted0

SPAM database lookup

db.wpbl.infonot listed good
dnsbl-1.uceprotect.netnot listed good
psbl.surriel.comnot listed good
recent.dnsbl.sorbs.netnot listed good
smtp.dnsbl.sorbs.netnot listed good
Number of SPAM hosts on
SPAM tools

Blocklist lookup

Adult hostingnot listed good
Dshield droplistnot listed good
Hackers, Spyware, Botnets etc.not listed good
Open proxynot listed good
Spamhaus droplistnot listed good


Whois information

inetnum:     179.61.128/17
status:      allocated
aut-num:     AS61440
abuse-c:     VIG28
owner:       Digital Energy Technologies Chile SpA
ownerid:     CL-DETC-LACNIC
responsible: Vincentas Grinius
address:     Moneda, 970, Piso 5
address:     8320313 - Santiago - 
country:     CL
phone:       +56 226 382322 []
owner-c:     VIG28
tech-c:      VIG28
abuse-c:     VIG28
inetrev:     179.61.128/24
nserver:     NS5.AS61440.NET  
nsstat:      20140822 AA
nslastaa:    20140822
nserver:     NS6.AS61440.NET  
nsstat:      20140822 AA
nslastaa:    20140822
nserver:     NS7.AS61440.NET  
nsstat:      20140822 AA
nslastaa:    20140822
created:     20140106
changed:     20140106

nic-hdl:     VIG28
person:      Network Operating Center
e-mail:      noc@AS61440.NET
address:     Moneda, 970, Piso 5
address:     8320313 - Santiago - RM
country:     CL
phone:       +56 229 382322 []
created:     20130508
changed:     20140108

Geo information

LocationPort Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (AU) flag
Latitude and Longitude-37.83, 144.93

Country information (Australia)

Area7,686,850 km²
Top Level

Update information

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AS number information2014-10-26
SPAM and blocklist databases2014-10-31
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