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Summary for subnet

LocationUnited States (US) flag
Number of domains hosted1,159,707
Number of nameservers hosted33,719
Number of mailservers hosted328,032
Number of SPAM hosts hosted1,346
Number of IP routes1,680

Subnets based on RIR allocations

SubnetDescriptionRIRCountry#routes#domains#spamhosts Communications Inc.arinCA792326 Partnership DBA Verizon WirelessarinUS000 Communications Company, LLCarinUS147328 Network SystemsarinUS9282 Internet Services CorporationarinUS1101 Internet Services CorporationarinUS2311, LLCarinUS22,0670, IncarinUS31491 Technology Group, LLCarinUS341,9182 BroadbandarinUS15410 Internet, Ltd.arinUS12,4932 Inc.arinUS669370 Communications Inc.arinCA15266 Technologies Inc.arinUS8174,34757 Partnership DBA Verizon WirelessarinUS120 Partnership DBA Verizon WirelessarinUS130 OnlinearinUS1761 CommunicationsarinUS16330 telecom holdings, inc.arinUS1657,31917 Cable Communications, Inc.arinUS11,62172 Communications Inc.arinUS2963,15881 HOUSE NETWORKS, LLCarinUS4396 CanadaarinCA23476144 Warner Cable Internet LLCarinUS331,161323 Cable Communications Inc.arinCA3633018 Internet Services, Inc.arinUS3101,40627 Internet Holdings, Inc.arinUS913987 ONE, INC.arinUS38721 CommunicationsarinUS2887 Services, Inc.arinUS3047,74417 LLCarinUS52020 Capital Princess, LLCarinUS98721 Citizens, NAarinUS4100 Online Systems, Inc.arinUS8990 I, Inc.arinUS91353,75016, Inc.arinUS178,62111 Communications IncarinUS89280 Internet Services, Inc.arinUS325,4549 HOUSE NETWORKS, LLCarinUS310030, LLCarinUS2139,94625 Innovations CorporationarinUS24,4462 NETWORKS, INC.arinUS18180 Communications Inc.arinCA104 Elite LLCarinUS11,5131 Exchange, Inc.arinUS350 Arkansas Telephone CooperativearinUS270 Internet LLCarinUS000 Data Centers, Inc.arinUS31,8270 Networks IncarinCA14620 Valley TelecommunicationsarinUS2411 telephone Co Inc.arinUS181, Inc.arinUS7138,8560 Internet Development Company Inc.arinUS12275,5587 Communications Canada Ltd.arinCA371 Technology Solutions, IncarinUS140 Wireless IncarinCA170 Pacific Network Information CentreapnicHK000 SERVERS LLCarinUS12,7201 CorporationarinUS1200 COMMUNICATIONS LTD.arinCA11911 Research and Development LLC - MagarinUS000 TechnologiesarinUS22279,52747 Breakaway, LLCarinUS150 Broadband Finance, LLCarinUS19287 Hosting, Inc.arinUS111630 Networks, LLC.arinUS12,30630 TechnologiesarinCA163902 America CorporationarinUS72230 Nuvox, Inc.arinUS12319 CommunicationsarinUS20412 Internet CorparinUS100 USA, Inc.arinUS410 ltdarinUS46,5505 ACCESS TECHNOLOGY INTERNATIONAL, INarinUS1190 Technologies Inc.arinCA142,97116 HostingarinUS142,53522 Nextel CorporationarinUS30116 Cable Communications, LLCarinUS1130 Partnership DBA Verizon WirelessarinUS2212029


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