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Summary for subnet

LocationUnited States (US) flag
Number of domains hosted976,958
Number of nameservers hosted26,456
Number of mailservers hosted283,042
Number of SPAM hosts hosted399
Number of IP routes1,494

Subnets based on RIR allocations

SubnetDescriptionRIRCountry#routes#domains#spamhosts Communications Inc.arinCA774514 Partnership DBA Verizon WirelessarinUS070 Communications Company, LLCarinUS15301 Network SystemsarinUS89100 Internet Services CorporationarinUS810 Internet Services CorporationarinUS1261, LLCarinUS22,0210, IncarinUS31400 Technology Group, LLCarinUS341,2941 Communications, Inc.arinUS1472 Internet, Ltd.arinUS11,8290 Inc.arinUS761,8670 Communications Inc.arinCA16271 Technologies Inc.arinUS8155,58221 Partnership DBA Verizon WirelessarinUS2920 Partnership DBA Verizon WirelessarinUS140 OnlinearinUS1641 CommunicationsarinUS1557 telecom holdings, inc.arinUS1686,99110 Cable Communications, Inc.arinUS15,8467 Communications Inc.arinUS3103,00610 HOUSE NETWORKS, LLCarinUS2383 CanadaarinCA2344922 Warner Cable Internet LLCarinUS311,05867 Cable Communications Inc.arinCA324092 Internet Services, Inc.arinUS381,80611 Internet Holdings, Inc.arinUS793012 ONE, INC.arinUS40640 CommunicationsarinUS2970 Services, Inc.arinUS2637,2096 LLCarinUS61841 Capital Princess, LLCarinUS109483 Citizens, NAarinUS4330 Online Systems, Inc.arinUS8900 I, Inc.arinUS91360,87139, Inc.arinUS172,0514 Communications IncarinUS1699 Internet Services, Inc.arinUS316,0184 HOUSE NETWORKS, LLCarinUS310412, LLCarinUS3339,70414 Innovations CorporationarinUS24,0853 NETWORKS, INC.arinUS18010 Communications Inc.arinCA101 Elite LLCarinUS11,3160 Exchange, Inc.arinUS200 Arkansas Telephone CooperativearinUS250 Internet LLCarinUS000 Data Centers, Inc.arinUS31,8560 Networks IncarinCA14491 Valley TelecommunicationsarinUS3370 telephone Co Inc.arinUS281, Inc.arinUS710,1560 Internet Development Company Inc.arinUS12290,6533 Communications Canada Ltd.arinCA370 Technology Solutions, IncarinUS140 Wireless IncarinCA170 Pacific Network Information CentreapnicHK010 SERVERS LLCarinUS11,8072 CorporationarinUS11690 COMMUNICATIONS LTD.arinCA1227 Research and Development LLC - MagarinUS000 TechnologiesarinUS210118,59517 Fusion SystemsarinUS1150 Broadband Finance, LLCarinUS19272 Hosting, Inc.arinUS111340 Networks, LLC.arinUS11,55112 TechnologiesarinCA164020 America CorporationarinUS79430 Nuvox, Inc.arinUS11700 CommunicationsarinUS202615 Internet CorparinUS100 USA, Inc.arinUS210 ltdarinUS46,6594 ACCESS TECHNOLOGY INTERNATIONAL, INarinUS1150 Technologies Inc.arinCA137,77215 HostingarinUS136,7154 Communications, Inc.arinUS3295 Cable Communications, LLCarinUS11222 Partnership DBA Verizon WirelessarinUS12200


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